Kid's room1

whiteboard sold
whiteboard sold
Blue frame and lamp Sold
Blue frame and lamp Sold
nightstand available
nightstand available

◆Queen bed & mattress

Queen Askvol bed by IKEA  $129 +tax

Now $0

Myrbacka memory form mattress (firm) by IKEA  $499 +tax

Now $70

◆Dresser by Ashley

was $ 380.99 +tax

now $ 100

◆bedside table 


◆WE Furniture AZM42CURWH Desk, Matte White

was $52.31+tax


◆BTExpert Swivel Mid Back Armless Ribbed Designer Task Chair Leather Soft Upholstery Office Chair - White

was $68.47+tax


◆glass whiteboard SOLD

◆Black lamp SOLD

◆blue frame with laundry pinches SOLD

All purchased around April 2019

In good condition

Available Now

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